What is Coaching?

Coaching is not therapy – it is product development, with families as the product.  It is about addressing your family’s successes, and uncovering the obstacles that may be holding YOUR family back from making the changes YOU want to make happen.

Coaching helps families work toward incorporating action steps needed to:

  • Manage stress

  • Improve communication

  • Address issues or problems effectively

  • Support setting healthy boundaries

  • Promoting home and school success

  • Create relationships that are happy, healthy, and harmonious.

As a certified PCI™ coach, I am a highly trained professional who will support, collaborate and facilitate new understanding by helping parent’s identify and achieve future goals for themselves and their children. Together, we will work side by side to discover new ways to think, reflect, and achieve your future family goals.

I understand and respect that there is not one solution for every family.  Instead, of trying to fix problems, I use positive psychology to help families uncover their unique strengths and values by taking into account such factors as the family’s schedule, lifestyle, and personality.