Coaching FAQ’s

Q. What is family coaching?

Coaching is not therapy – it is product development, with families as the product.  It is about addressing your family’s successes, and uncovering the obstacles that may be holding YOUR family back from making the changes YOU want to make happen

Q. What about my privacy?

Your privacy is extremely important and none of your personal information will ever be shared with other individuals, agencies or entities unless compelled to by law.

Q. Do both parents have to be involved?

Family coaching works best when both parents are involved and committed to the process. However, that does not mean both parents have to participate in coaching sessions. In these situations one parent can mostly make use of the family coaching, then parents can work together to accomplish the changes they want to achieve.

Q. Does family coaching work in single parent households?

Yes, absolutely! Parent coaching can help in finding a healthy balance between the responsibilities of parenthood and having a life of your own.  Strategies for co-parenting and parallel parenting with the non-custodial parent can also be addressed.

Q. Can family coaching help teenagers?

Yes, if the parent and/or coach believes the teenagers participation is valuable to the family coaching process.  Teenagers and adult children are always welcome into the coaching process and can also be coached one on one.

Q. As a parent, how can I get the most out of my family coaching session?

The more willing you are to change and commit to make life changes the more you will get out of your coaching experience.  Family coaches know that parents are the experts of their children and they are their child’s greatest resource.

Q. When is family coaching not appropriate?

Family coaching is not appropriate in the presence of particular family problems, such as severe behavior problems, current or recent substance abuse, child abuse, partner abuse, high conflict parental relationship, mental health problems, or unresolved infidelity.

If at any point in time of the coaching, one or more of these issues are identified, the family coach will provide referrals for services available in the community.